Things are tough in Zimbabwe. And our schools are desperately in need of our help. What can you do for your school?

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Then Let Us Help Our Schools

Do you remember your high school days? What about the primary school that provided you the foundation of your education? I know some of us have to think further than others. I am sure most of us have good memories of those years. A new breed of high school kids comes into high school every year. But unfortunately, for them, things are tough these days. They are not able to fully enjoy the experiences we had during our time. 

Some schools have to choose what to cut of from their programs as a means of trying to stretch the dollar. A few schools are able to continue with business as usually because the tuition that they charge allows them to do so.  

For those schools that can't afford to increase the fees high enough to cover all the programs, which are the majority of the schools, it has become necessary for alumni, friends and families of these schools to make contributions to supplement the tuition. It is our hope at ZimbabweSchools.Com that you find ways of helping your former school or any school that needs your help.  

Help can come in different ways. For those that are not sure if their monies and effort will reach the kids, you can contact the school and get a least of their needs. Handle the project with a few people that you are comfortable with and handover the project to the school when it is done. For instance if the school is in need of a football kit, you can contact the school for the colors and have the uniforms sewn or purchase them.   

If your school is not on the list and you want to make your contribution, give us the name of the school and their needs. Maybe there could be others from your school that would be willing to assist. If the school has its own web page, you can give us the link for the school and we will gladly put it on It is important to provide information for your school such as address and phone number. If you have additional information that is even better. We are not based in Zimbabwe and as such will not be able to run around looking for information for each school.  

Let us see which alumni group is going to be more generous to their schools

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Make School Life memorable...ask for donations from your church, collect books... E-mail your suggestions to: